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  • Contact Person: hai.lin*Chairman
  • Street Address: Economic trade mansion the 6 floorseses outside WU2 CHUAN SHI4 in Guangdong
  • City: wuchuan
  • Province/State: Guangdong
  • Country/Region:
  • Telephone: 86-0759-5572155
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About Us

Zhanjiang Yuehai Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer which is professionally engaged in producing alcohol machinery, sugar manufacturing machinery, and petrochemical equipment. The factory is located in the southernmost of mainland China -- Zhanjiang Guangdong. It is close to the international trade capacity 500,000 tons industrial port and tightly joins the sea, air and rail transport lines to southwest, and also an important transaction base in Southeast Asia international market. The company has abundant experiences in manufacturing alcohol machinery, sugar manufacturing machinery, and petrochemical equipment. The company uses its innovative and patent technology as the technical backing. It has a number of technical staff such as Senior Engineer, huge contingent technicians, new production equipment, advanced and complete detection equipment, masterful manufacturing skills, and modern industry management. The company are cooperating with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, The State Institute of Light Aircraft, Beijing Institute of Mechanism and Electricity, Guangzhou Ganke Institute, and South China Huanke Institute, and obtaining technology support from them. Additionally the company is advanced with the production line equipment of table sugar, brown sugar, fine sugar and industrial alcohol, edible alcohol (including highly purified alcohol), fuel alcohol, acetic acid, ethyl acetate and bio-diesel. The quality of products is so good that the products have been up to par of the domestic and international standard in the range of congener product. The company's aims are to regard the talent as its capital, insist on good credit, set up the big achievement by diligence, create a good brand by quality, expand the market by innovation, develop the company by technology, and yield benefits by management. The quality strategy of this company is to emphasis on quality, development, innovation, and satisfaction of the clients. Our machinery products sell well all over China and are exported to Southeast Asia and Africa countries. Our products gain good reputation.
Year Established: Jul 16,2008
CEO/General Manager
Business Type: Manufacturer  
Main Product/Services: Zhanjiang, Guangdong machines Limited, which is engaged in a professional alcohol machines, sugar-equipment, petrochemical production equipment manufacturers. 
Main Markets:
Number of Employees
Annual Sales
Factory Area(m2)
Provide OEM Service no
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