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  • Self assembly knobs offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be assembled on any length cap screw. No special tools or glue required!
  • Timer knobs Aug 8,2011
    Suitable for applications such as thermostats and simmerstats, requiring an indicator. Numbers or graphics can be printed on these knobs to your requirements.
  • Taper knobs Aug 8,2011
    These conical knobs are ideal for use as a handle grip at the end of a plain shaft, offering a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Button knobs Aug 8,2011
    Button knobs offer simple design and functionality with 6 different models suitable for a wide range of uses in industrial, automotive and medical applications.
  • Ball knobs Aug 8,2011
    Ball knobs are manufactured in tough gloss finished duroplast. They are suitable for any use with levers, handles or shafts.
  • Wing knobs Aug 8,2011
    Wing knobs are suitable for use in confined spaces, allowing maximum leverage with a clean simple design.
  • Tristar knobs Aug 8,2011
    Two families of tristar knobs are available, suitable for food and medical applications or where a strong yet lightweight moulding is required.
  • Lobe knobs Aug 8,2011
    Lobe knobs are suitable for a variety of applications such as medical aids where ease of operator adjustment is important.
  • Star knobs Aug 8,2011
    Choose from heavy-duty, cavity free knobs suitable for food and medical industry or economic range of ultra strong yet lightweight mouldings.
  • Star knobs Aug 8,2011
    Particularly suited to the food and medical industries where hygiene is paramount. Heavy duty/no cavities. Available in male, female and threaded right through versions. Diameter 38mm to 60mm. Sta
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