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for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, for hard and soft plastics DIN335C / 90 DEGREE; Material: M2 HSS, M35 Hss Co; Coating: TiN , TiCN, TiAlN coated; For all ferrous and non-ferrous metals,for hard a…
Countersink Jan 17,2011
Contents: 1PC 2-5mm; 1PC 5-10mm; 1PC 10-15mm; 1PC 15-20mm; Material: M2 HSS or M35 HSSco For countersinking, chamfering and deburring, Extremely effective with light metals, Aluminum and plastics.
Step Drill Jan 17,2011
Include: 1PC 5Hole Steps of 4-12mm; 6mm Shank, Total length 65mm (TEC-SD50-001) 1PC 14Hole Steps of 4-30mm; 10mm Shank, Total length 75mm (TEC-SD50-005) 1PC 9Hole Steps of 4-20mm; 8mm shank, Total Length 100mm (TEC-SD50-003) Made …
Twist Socket Jan 17,2011
Twist Socket sets are ideal for the removal of rounded, damaged or corroded nuts, bolts, oil drain plugs, marine nuts and bolts, exhaust manifold nuts, pipe nipples, and studs. Stripped nuts are very difficult and time consuming t…
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