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About us
Shenzhen Holley Kong electronic technology Ltd. is a collection of high-tech and
information services,
The company's main domestic and foreign advanced identification products: Japan MAX,
Japan Canon NTC, the series of large line of Printing Machine, MAX (Bepop series),
BROTHER (brothers), CASIO (Casio), and other labeling machine series, carving machine,
bar-coding and other products as well as PVC casing plum blossom within the tooth,
listed PVC cable, metal plate, Adhesive nameplate, and other related supplies. Products
widely used in transformation of urban and rural power grids, power engineering
construction installation, the electrical control cabinet manufacturing, machinery
and equipment production, covering electricity, switching, petrochemical, machinery
manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, railways, telecommunications, banks, hospitals,
hotels, warehousing logistics , schools, the advertising industry and other fields,
and now owns thousands of users all over the country. 
Year Established: Dec 31,2006
CEO/General Manager
Business Type: Manufacturer  
Main Product/Services: Electronic Lettering machine、Labeling machine 
Main Markets: Worldwide
Number of Employees 51-100
Annual Sales US$ 2.5 Million - US$ 5 Million
Factory Area(m2)
Provide OEM Service no
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