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Painted and waxed steel strapping

  • Post Date:  Jun 30,2019
  • Expiry Date:  Jun 29,2020
  • Price Terms:  T/T
  • Pachaging:  sackcloth or compound paper
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Painted and waxed steel strapping [Application]: The product is made from ordinary carbon structured or high quanlity carbon strctured steels via cold-rolled,eletric heat and blued and painted & waxed.The painted and waxed steel strapping is the further process from the blue tempered steel strapping.To prevent rust ,the painted steel strapping is very better than the blue tempered steel strapping. It is applicable for bundling and packing of wood,paper,cotton spinning,glass,Stone,steels,weld tube and so on large objects. [Sort of painted and waxed steel strapping]: Wound type of product :Ribbon wound steel strapping and oscillated wound steel Strapping. [Mechanical properties]: (1)Ordinary steel strips(Ⅰ): tensile strengthσb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),elongation:3%-5%。 (2)Ordinary steel strips(Ⅱ): tensile strengthσb≥78-85Kg/mm2(780-850Mpa),elongation:3%-5%。 (3)High quality steel strips: high high intesity,good capability,bearing impact.tensile strength: 85-110Kg/mm2 (850-1100Mpa) , elongation:5%-8%。 [Specification]: BWG28×3/8″、1/2″、5/8″(0.36mm×9.5mm、12.7mm、16mm) BWG27×3/8″、1/2″、5/8″(0.40mm×9.5mm、12.7mm、16mm) BWG26×1/2″、5/8″、3/4″(0.45mm×12.7mm、16mm、19mm) BWG25×1/2″、5/8″、3/4″(0.50mm×12.7mm、16mm、19mm) BWG24×1/2″、5/8″、3/4″(0.55mm×12.7mm、16mm、19mm) BWG23×1/2″、5/8″、3/4″(0.60mm×12.7mm、16mm、19mm) BWG22×3/4″、1″、5/4″(0.70mm×19mm、25.4mm、32mm) BWG21×3/4″、1″、5/4″(0.80mm×19mm、25.4mm、32mm) BWG20×3/4″、1″、5/4″(0.90mm×19mm、25.4mm、32mm) BWG19×3/4″、1″、5/4″(1.0mm×19mm、25.4mm、32mm) [Packaging for steel strapping seals]: Usually use box or fibre bag,We can also pack as per customer’s requirements. [steel strapping seals performance standard]: GB4173-4.We can also manufacture as per customer’s quality standard orders. [Others]: We can produce special specification as per customers request,and we can make the edge smoother of the steel packing strips.
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