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SPH70 Fish feed making machine 01 0

  • Post Date:  Apr 10,2018
  • Expiry Date:  Apr 10,2019
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  • Pachaging:  Tray packing
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As the aquaculture industry develop more and more fast, intensive, professional, , feed requirements are also getting higher and higher, the traditional powder feed and feed particles have poor stability, fast sedimentation rate, easy to cause the loss of the feed waste and water pollution and other defects, can no longer meet the need of modern aquaculture. So it is needed to use the advanced technology equipment with wet extrusion . The characteristics of extruded floating fish feed: 1, to facilitate the management: the floating fish feed because it can float on the water surface, therefore the feeding without special feeding, feeding can only point. Fish intake should be out of the water, the fish feed can directly observe the situation, timely adjustment of the feeding amount, so the inflated floating fish feed is helpful to scientific management. 2, prevention and control of the feed waste: extruded floating fish feed is very good stability in water, usually within two hours is not dissolved, so it can avoid the nutritional ingredients in feed solubility in water loss and feed into the mud and waste. Generally extruded floating fish feed can reduce 10%-20% cost than powder feed. 3, reduce water pollution: extruded floating fish feed not sink does not dissolve in water, thus can avoid, residue fermented feed in the water, reduce the oxygen consumption of organic matter in water, which can effectively reduce the pollution of water quality. 4, the utilization rate of feed, feed after high temperature treatment, the gelatinization of starch, fat, and fiber structure and softening and cell wall, improve the utilization rate of nutrient composition . Suppression of harmful substances and growth factors, improve the feed palatability and digestibility. Long storage period. 5, floating feeds more conducive to the cultivation of less experienced users better feeding rate. Expanded feed flotation characteristics, more conducive to the user to observe the effect of fish feeding effectively, reduce the waste of feed. Production range: Floating fish feed and sinking fish feed; Feed for marine fish (such as the clown fish, tilapia fish etc.), freshwater fish feed (such as catfish, carp fish etc.), ornamental fish food (such as goldfish, red parrot etc.), shrimp feed etc. The details of production line: Product line: SPH 65, 70, 90, 100,A 100B, 120 Process: the high temperature and high pressure extrusion Net weight: 2~10MT Machine power: 22--315 KW Voltage: can be customized according to the requirements of voltage in different countries. Output: 100~7000 KG/H Finished products: diameter: 0.8-14mm, can according to your request for die design; The floating particles in water: can be maintained for at least 72 hours; Sinking particles: shape can be maintained for about 3 hours in the water; (particle moisture content: about 20%-25%; the oil content <10%; the content of starch>30%) Certification: CE certification, ISO certification MODEL POWER CAPACITY DIMENSION SPH65 (DRY ) 100KW 120-150KG 15*2.5*4M SPH70 (DRY ) 120KW 200-350KG 16*2.5*4M SPH70 (WET ) 100KW 350-500KG 27*2.5*4M SPH90 (WET ) 210KW 1-2TPH 39*2.5*6M SPH100A (WET ) 420KW 2-3TPH 39*2.5*6M SPH100B (WET ) 500KW 3-4TPH 43*2.5*8M SPH120 (WET ) 600KW 5-6TPH 55*2.5*8M
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