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Working workshop electric forklift truck

  • Post Date:  Feb 1,2018
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Electric fork lift truck, electric one ton forklift model is beautiful, the structure is compact, the turn radius is small, the maneuver is flexible, can operate in the small space.The import controller, excitation current and armature current are controlled separately.Of it can be accomplished by the battery, motor complete control, protection and more efficient, a ramp on automatic anti-skid function, current limiting function, top speed adjustable speed limit function and the low storage battery voltage protection function. The electric forklift fully hydraulic steering, the steering wheel and seat adjustable Angle and the relative position before and after, meet the requirement of the driving personnel.All kinds of control pads are designed to reduce the intensity of labor and improve labor productivity.The frame structure of the frame is rigid, the center of gravity is low, the proper distance and the wheelbase, which makes the vehicle have good longitudinal and lateral stability.Wide field and door frame, the driver has a wide Angle of view, this is very suitable for forklift in warehouse, workshop internal for cargo handling, stacking and short-distance transport operations.
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