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stand up pouch sealing machine

  • Post Date:  Dec 27,2017
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stand up pouch sealing machine   stand up pouch sealing machine Heavy Duty PE PP Paper ALuminium Foil Laminated Material three side & cental sealing pouch bag making machine, liquid packing bag making machine juice bag making machine standing pouch bag making machine Mob: +8615325773210   (wechat,viber,whatsapp)    Skype: leolin19880123 HD video link about LC 500F Multifunction laminated bag making machine stand up pouch with window,  Three side sealing,middle side,four side    video link about LC 500F Multifunction laminated bag making machine  (Three side sealing,middle side sealing,four side)  Technical data Bag making function three sides sealing bag, center sealing bag, central sealing with side  gusset, 5 sides sealing bag , single stand up bag, single zipper bag Main Electric Parts Traction Double Servo Motor, Japan Panasonic PLC Control System, Japan Panasonic Touch Screen, Main Drive use AC motor, Japan Panasonic Inverter. Temperature Control 16#. Unwinding encoder constant tension. Main electric scheme 4 pcs servo motor for traction, with PLC used Panasonic from Japan, Touch Screen from Taiwan; main driving is alternating current with  Yaskawa from JAPAN Transducer, automatic constant tension for  unwinding. Suitable material this machine is suitable for producing multi-layer three side sealing laminated  film, plating ALU laminated film, paper-plastic laminated film, pure-ALU  laminated film which takes BOPP, PET, CPP,ALU, and Nylon etc plastic  laminated film as base material. The speed of machine 180 hypo-minute The speed of feeding 40 m/min (decided according the material and bag shape) The length of bag making 400mm*skip (the skip6, which mean the max width size of bag is  400*6=2400mm) (for stand up and zipper bag) The width of bag making 70 - 600 mm ( after fold size of raw material) The dimension of roll material 600*1050mm (diameter* web-width) Accuracy of orientation 0.5mm Thermal-sealing knifes quantity of heat 1. Vertical Sealing adopt 5 units up and down heating,up and down cooling. 2. Horizontal Sealing adopt 3 units up and down heating, 1 units up and down cooling.  3. Entire burns adopt 2 units up and down heating, 2units up and down cooling. The quantity of temperature heating 16groups The bound of temperature 0-300 Total power 45kw (Actual use:when machine start to run,the power about 38kw,when heat preservation, the general power about 15kw.) Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 10000X1600X1750mm Weight of machine  About 5000 kg Color White stainless steel housing, black machine body Control System Japan Panasonic PLC Control System and Touch Screen.High speed bag making machine control system.     Device configuration and related parameters 1. Unwinding part A) Structure form Horizontal level stationinclude Magnetic powder brake, cylinder, pendulum roller, frequency converter, motor, traction roller sensor and control system B) Feeding shaft, gas rose axis and pneumatic locking device   2. Unwinding tension A) Control mechanism:by computer control, magnetic powder brake, frequency converter and ac motor, sensor and rotary encoder, complex constant speed of cylinder of pendulum roller tension system B) Adjust the driver: PID control PWM drive C) Detection methods: comprehensive detection sensor and rotary encoder   3. Rectifying device Structure. Lead screw adjusting K type vertical lifting frame Drive Solid state relay driver ,Low speed synchronous motor The move: Coupling Control method: the double photoelectric sensor computer centralized control Test method: reflection type photoelectric sensors Tracking precision: 0.5mm Ajusting range150 mm Photoelectric search scope: 5-50mm ajust, Range of limit switch.   4. The edge Structure: adjustable roller center two-way rotary structure adjustment Form: manual regulation (adjusting handwheel)   5. Up and down to the alignment Structure: single roller upper and lower adjustment Form: manual regulation (the regulating handle)   6. Longitudinal /vertical  sealing device Structure: modular bridge structure Driver: the main motor drive power lever Transmission: partial link all vertical movement Quantity: four groups LengthHot knife 800mm, cool knife 400mm   7. Horizontal sealing device Structure;Girder block type structure of hot pressing Driver: the main motor drive power lever Transmission: eccentric link vertical movement QuantityHot knife 3units,length:640mm. cool knife 1unit,length:640mm   8. Membrane traction Junction structure: pneumatic rubber roller pressure or friction Drive :moment of inertia in the digital AC servo system (Japan Pasonicimport 1Kw,2000r/mservo motor) The move: M type synchronous belt wheel transmission, speed ratio 1:2. 4 Control: the computer centralized control Testing method: photoelectric sensor combining with proximity switch control   9. Middle Tension Structure air pressure type floating tension roller structure Control: the computer centralized control. Dynamic motion compensation Test method: non-contact proximity switch The floating roller tension adjusting range 0~0.6Mpa  air pressure, traction motor compensation range between 1 ~ 10 mm (computer setting, automatic interpolation)   10. Main transmission device Structure: four connecting rod crank rocker push-pull type structure Drive: 3.7 Kw inverter drive, 3 Kw three-phase asynchronous motor The move: main drive motor with 1:17 reducer Control: the computer centralized control Exercise: main motor sports lead frame vertical movement up and down   11. Automatic positioning device Type: (1)Computer automatic fixed-length control mode    precision: 0.5mm (2)Reflection type photoelectric sensor tracking test precision: 0.5mm Photoelectric search scope0~10 mmcomputer can be automatically search scope size Fixed compensation scope1~5 mm Positioning correct wayServo motor is controlled by computer feedback signals   12. Temperature control device Test type: type K thermocouple detection Control mode: computer centralized control, solid state relay drive PID regulation Temperature setting range: 0 ~ 300 degrees Temperature measuring points: electric heating piece in the middle. Temperature control way: 16 road   13. Cutting Knife Structure: the cutter + adjustment device + fixed incised knife Format: shear type pneumatic roof every spring Transmission: borrow the eccentric shaft power Adjustment: horizontally, pull the handle is adjustable tangent Angle   14. The hot device The whole hot knifeComposite bridge structure,2units up and down heating,hot knife length 800mm,cool knife 2 units,cool knife length 400mm The move: borrow host eccentric vertical movement link structure   15. Collect edge material device Structure: horizontal reciprocating screw structure Drive: AC motor drive Control: the sensor   16. Punching device Structure: bow type pneumatic punching die Control type: the computer centralized control Drive: electronic switch drive solenoid valve (DC24V) Punching hole:guide rail type support horizontal arch bridge and manual fine-tuning structure Adjustable volume: plus or minus 12 mm The gas cylinder: pneumatic control Die with: LingKong and round hole 1 to pay Quantity: 2 groups   17. Times the sending device Structure: asynchronous insulation type pneumatic cushion block Control type: the computer centralized control Drive: electronic switch drive solenoid valve (dc) DC24V Mode of Action: three groups of lateral sealing asynchronous action Number of times: from 2 to 6 times  sending(computer can set)   18. Automatic conveyer device Structure. : L level Drive: solid state relay drive, single-phase motor gear reduction The move: helical gear transmission Transport distance and transport number : freely inside the computer Control type: the computer centralized control Mob: +8615325773210   (wechat,viber,whatsapp)    Skype: leolin19880123
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