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VPSA Oxygen Generator2 01

  • Post Date:  Jan 3,2017
  • Expiry Date:  Jan 3,2018
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  • Pachaging:  standard export wood box or nude
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The main composition in air is nitrogen and oxygen, so we can select adsorbent with different adsorption ability for nitrogen and oxygen, and design suitable process to separate nitrogen and oxygen to get pure gas oxygen. Both nitrogen and oxygen have quadrupole moments, but N20.31is higher than oxygen 0.10 , and zeolite molecular sieve has stronger adsorption ability for nitrogen than oxygen (nitrogen has stronger apply force to surface ion of molecular sieve, like Drawing 1). So, when compressed air passes adsorption bed with zeolite molecular sieve, nitrogen is adsorbed, while oxygen is concentrated in gas phase and flow out of adsorption bed because of less adsorption. Then we get oxygen by such separation. When molecular sieve nearly saturates by nitrogen, it needs to stop air and decrease adsorption pressure to desorb the nitrogen. The molecular sieve can be reactivated for repeat work. Two or more adsorption beds shift work can produce continuous oxygen.Oxygen flow(Nm3/h)
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