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Cryogenic Middle and Large Air Separation Plant 01

  • Post Date:  Jan 3,2017
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Cryogenic air separation plant is by cryogenic process to produce gas/liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The process firstly remove the impurities(dust, H2O, CO2, CxHy,etc.) by molecular sieve from the compressed air. Then it makes air into liquid by extreme low temperature(about -170~-180 deg C), and then separates air into oxygen, nitrogen, argon by multi rectifying in the rectification column. The oxygen, nitrogen and argon have different boiling temperature and different vaporization rate at specific temperature. The cryogenic liquid air or nitrogen is sprayed from top of column, and pressurized air or oxygen is vaporized upward. So finally, pure nitrogen is achieved at top of column and pure oxygen is achieved at bottom of column. Since oxygen and argon has very close boiling point, so the pure argon is achieved from the fraction in a separate argon rectification column. It uses turbine expander to produce the major coldness for the air liquefying and system process. Through different process organization, the cryogenic air separation plant can produce gas/liquid oxygen at purity 99.6%, gas/liquid nitrogen at 1ppm O2, and liquid argon at 10ppm(O2+N2) according to customers requirements. Mainly the cryogenic air separation plant consists of air filter, main air compressor, booster compressor(depending on process), air pre-cooler, air purifier(molecular sieve), cold box(rectification column, BAHX brazed aluminum plate fin heat exchanger,etc.), turbine expander, cryogenic liquid pump, valves, instruments, instrumental and electrical control system. The normal liquid air separation plant models are as below. It can be designed as per customers requirements. SN Model Gas Oxygen Gas Nitrogen Liquid Argon(optional) Output Purity Pressure Output Purity Pressure Output Purity Pressure 1 KDONAr-1000/1000/12 1000Nm3/hr 99.6% 0.02MPa.G 1000Nm3/hr 3ppm O2 0.01MPa.G 12Nm3/hr 5ppm(O2+N2) 0.01MPa.G 2 KDON-1500/1500/30 1500Nm3/hr 99.6% 0.02MPa.G 1500Nm3/hr 3ppm O2 0.01MPa.G 30Nm3/hr 5ppm(O2+N2) 0.01MPa.G 3 KDON-2000/2000/45 2000Nm3/hrr 99.6% 0.02MPa.G 2000Nm3/hr 3ppm O2 0.01MPa.G 45Nm3/hr 5ppm(O2+N2) 0.01MPa.G 4 KDON-2500/2500/60 2500Nm3/hr 99.6% 0.02MPa.G 2500Nm3/hr 3ppm O2 0.01MPa.G 60Nm3/hr
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